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Professional Tree Removal Services in Los Altos CA


The Necessity of Tree Removal in Los Altos


Safety Considerations


Tree removal is a hazardous task that requires careful attention to safety. Here are some considerations to ensure safety:


Professional Expertise: Tree removal should be performed by trained and experienced arborists and tree removal professionals. They have the skills, equipment, and knowledge to safely execute the task.


Assessment: Prior to removal, your tree's condition should be assessed as well as potential hazards, and its surroundings. Dead branches, disease, decay, lean, proximity to structures, power lines, and roads should all be identified and considered in planning, 


Equipment: Well-maintained equipment such as chainsaws, ropes, harnesses, and rigging equipment should be used. All equipment should be used according to safety guidelines and workers involved should wear proper protective gear.


Climbing and Rigging Techniques: Safe climbing and rigging techniques should be used to ensure controlled tree removal. Aerial lifts or cranes might be necessary for larger or complex tree removals.


Clear Work Zone: Establish a clear work zone around the tree to prevent bystanders from entering the danger area.  If the tree is near structures, utility lines, or roads, precautions need to be used to  prevent damage. Safe disposal of debris and clean-up in the work area are important to prevent trip hazards.


Emergency Plan: Have a plan in place for emergencies, such as injuries, equipment malfunctions, or unexpected falling debris.


Weather Conditions: Tree removal should not be done during adverse weather conditions.


Tree Felling Direction: The direction of the tree's fall should be controlled using proper cutting techniques. A clear escape route should be planned for workers.


Permits and Regulations


In Los Altos, any mature tree with a circumference of 48 inches or more (approximately 15 inches in diameter) is protected, irrespective of its species. Removal of these trees requires a Los Altos tree removal permit. Additionally, any Heritage Tree also requires a Los Altos tree removal permit for removal. An Arborist report is required to be submitted with each tree removal permit application.


Enhancing Aesthetics


Tree removal can enhance aesthetics by improving the overall visual balance and design of a landscape. By selectively removing certain trees, available space is better used, allowing remaining trees and plants to thrive, receive more sunlight, leading to healthier growth and a more vibrant appearance. Removal eliminates overcrowding, prevents competition for resources and reduces the risk of disease. Strategic tree removal can reveal architectural features of buildings and create more inviting outdoor spaces, providing a more attractive landscape design.


Preventing Disease Spread


Tree removal can help prevent the spread of disease by eliminating infected trees that serve as potential sources of pathogens. When a tree becomes diseased, it can harbor harmful microorganisms, fungi, bacteria, or pests that can spread to nearby trees. By removing the infected tree, the disease's ability to spread is curtailed, preventing healthy trees from becoming contaminated. Proper disposal of the removed tree ensures that pathogens are not introduced back into the ecosystem. Hiring professionals for tree removal can minimize the risk of spreading diseases.

Site Preparation


Our site preparation for tree removal involves a systematic process designed to safely remove trees while minimizing environmental impact and ensuring safety. This process varies based on tree specifics, location, and regulations. We assess the site, develop removal plans, obtain permits, ensure safety measures, inspect utility lines, remove trees and debris, grind stumps, and restore the environment.


Expert Tree Felling


Tree felling is the process of cutting down a tree using specialized tools and techniques to ensure safe and efficient removal of the tree. This process involves several steps, including assessing the tree's condition, selecting the appropriate cutting method, and removing the tree in a controlled manner to prevent damage to surrounding structures or people. The process requires skilled professionals like ours at NewVista Tree Services, who are trained in tree felling techniques and have access to the necessary equipment.


Stump Grinding


We provide stump grinding which includes grinding the stump down into wood chips, leaving the roots of the removed tree intact and removing the visible part of the stump.


NewVista provides tree removal in Los Altos for many types of commercial properties. 

Business Parks, Apartments, HOA's, Hospitals and Shopping Centers can all count on NewVista meeting their tree removal needs. 

NewVista can tailor a comprehensive tree removal package that meets both the budget and needs of the commercial property.

Services We Offer:

  • Inventory List 

  • Tree Removals 

  • Tree Pruning

  • Fertilization

  • Storm Response 

  • Tree Planting 

  • Mulch Replacement 

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A local, family owned business. New Vista Inc is proud to offer excellent and satisfactory tree removal and management. Operating under the International Society of Arboriculture guidelines (ISA) we offer all types of tree management. Our services range from pruning to removal in both residential and commercial properties. All of our tree work meets ANSI 300 standards.


We are fully licensed by CSLB, carry General Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance for both our employees and your protection.

Safety is our top priority when working on your property. New Vista Inc only uses professional equipment that meet ANSI (American National Standards Association) Z133. 

Other services we offer in Los Altos:

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Los Altos Tree Service - Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is winter a good time for tree removal?

The decision to remove a tree should be based on a thorough assessment of its condition and the property's needs, by a professional Arborist who can provide expert guidance. When considering tree removal, it is important for a professional Arborist  to assess the tree's condition and the property's needs. Winter is a preferred time for removal as trees are dormant, making it safer. The absence of leaves makes the tree's structure more visible. Cold temperatures also decrease the risk of disease spread, reduce soil compaction and minimize damage to the landscape.

How does NewVista handle diseased trees?

We systematically handle diseased trees by assessing the tree's health and diagnosing the specific disease. Our certified Arborists consider factors like symptoms, signs of infection, and the potential impact on the tree's overall health. They recommend treatments like pruning, fungicides, or soil amendments and suggest preventive measures for nearby trees. Severe cases might require tree removal. Our Arborists monitor and provide follow-up care. 

Do I need a permit for tree removal in Los Altos?

In the city of Los Altos, all mature trees, 48-inches or larger in circumference (approx. 15-inches in diameter), regardless of species, are considered protected. Getting a city tree removal permit is mandatory before removal. Any Heritage tree requires a city of Los Altos tree removal permit. The city also requires an Arborist report  to be included with the permit application, which our NewVista Arborist can provide. Processing, review and issuance of tree removal permits in Los Altos can take up to 30 days.

How long will the tree removal process take?

The time required for tree removal varies based on tree size, location, health, access, equipment, weather, number of trees, removal method, and preparation. Straightforward removals might take a few hours, while complex or larger projects could take a day or more. We can provide a more accurate estimate when we assess your tree and give you a quote. 

What happens to the wood after tree removal?

After the tree is removed, we handle the disposal of wood chips and debris, and full clean-up of the area.The choice of wood's fate after removal depends on local regulations, property owner preferences, and environmental considerations.

NewVista Tree Service is a local, family owned business that specializes in tree services, tree trimming, and tree removal in Los Altos. Our Arborists can assess your trees and provide you with an estimate for tree removal that meets your budget. We are fully committed to provide you with responsive, reliable customer service and the most trustworthy tree service in the city of Los Altos.


TEL: 408-646-9790  |

545 Meridian Ave # 26231 

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