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Arborist Report? 

NewVista Inc can provide a detailed report for your arboriculture needs.


The following reports are available from one of our ISA Certified Arborists.


Arborist Letter Report


Some municipalities require a Arborist Report in conjunction with a tree removal application. This report is more brief, usually 1-2 pages and contains information such as the tree’s species, health, observations, pictures and the Arborist’s reason for removal. These reports are provided only when it is determined the tree meets a criteria for removal. Every city has different criteria with some agencies being more stringent than others.  


Arborist Report & Tree Preservation Plan


When building permits are submitted some clients are surprised to hear they cannot continue with the project, until an Arborist Report is conducted and submitted. 


Most towns and cities in the Silicon Valley are requiring Arborist Reports in conjunction with the development applications. This is to protect and preserve the existing trees on the property and have more accountability. 


The typical Arborist Report includes, but is not limited to; Title Page, Table Contents, Summary, Tree Inventory with measurements/assessment of all the trees on the property, Photos, & a Site Plan. Most importantly, the Arborist Reports also include a “Tree Preservation Plan” or “ Tree Protection Plan”. 


The Protection Plan will include the Project Arborist’s recommendation on how to protect the existing trees that are required by city code. This protection plan is to be followed by all the parties involved in the project. 


NewVista Tree Service can consult with you on what is needed and offer the help you need to obtain the necessary permits. 

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