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Tree Work In Fremont 

NewVista Inc is pleased to have served clients in Fremont CA. Taking into consideration clients needs, NewVista has helped customers keep their trees healthy and safe. Fremont is home to many native and non-native tree species that contribute to the city's tranquility. If you are looking to prune your tree or are looking to remove a tree, NewVista Inc can help you make the best choice.  Our experts can help you decide what kind of pruning a tree requires and the best management techniques to keep the tree(s) healthy and long living. If removing a tree on your property is your priority, NewVista Inc has extensive experience removing small and large trees in all types of lots. 


The City of Fremont oversees the removal/pruning of “City Trees”- (trees planted between sidewalk and street.)


The City of Fremont does not oversee or require permits for private trees located in the rear or side yard of a private residence. 


If the tree is located in the front of the property then a permit might be required. 


Trees located on properties with lots larger than 10,000 square feet also require a permit for removal. 


Homeowners looking to obtain a permit for removing a tree located in the front of the residence 

or for parcels bigger than 10,000 square feet can find it:

*NewVista Inc makes every effort to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, however, it does not guarantee this and disclaims liability for inaccurate information or any misunderstanding. For most up to date information,  website visitors should contact each city/municipality directly.

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