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Best Tree Service in Los Altos Hills, CA


Nestled among the verdant landscapes of California, Los Altos Hills is a community that takes pride in its wide variety of native trees. Residents often find themselves sharing their backyards with these leafy giants, enjoying the canopy of green that they provide. NewVista Inc. has become a trusted partner for these residents, helping them keep their trees healthy and safe.

In Los Altos Hills, the relationship between the community and its trees is symbiotic. NewVista Inc. has played a pivotal role in maintaining this balance, offering services that range from general maintenance to wildfire mitigation. Recognizing the potential fire hazards, NewVista Tree is adept at pruning and removing trees that could pose a risk, ensuring the community's safety and the environment's health.


Understanding the Local Flora

The local flora, particularly the California native trees, are a source of beauty and pride for the residents. NewVista Inc. has helped many enjoy these trees right in their backyards, providing expert care to maintain their vigor and splendor.


Tree Care Essentials

NewVista's commitment to tree care is evident in its approach to maintenance and safety. With the threat of wildfires ever-present, our services include crucial mitigation techniques to manage and remove trees that could become a hazard.


Safety and Tree Services


Safety, especially concerning fire hazards, is significant in Los Altos Hills. NewVista's expertise in pruning and removing potential fire hazards helps protect the community while preserving the area's natural beauty.


Choosing the Right Tree Service Provider


NewVista Inc. is not just another tree service provider; we are a community partner, helping residents navigate the specific regulations of Los Altos Hills. For instance, the town protects Oak trees, particularly those larger than 36 inches in circumference or 12 inches in diameter.


Environmental Impact and Sustainability


In our commitment to sustainability, NewVista ensures that any tree removal, especially of protected Oak trees, is conducted with the utmost care and legal compliance. Removing an oak tree in Los Altos Hills requires a permit submission with justification for the removal, whether the tree is dead, diseased, or a hazard. The permit fee is $250, and the application can be found HERE.


Community Involvement


NewVista encourages community involvement and adherence to local regulations. It's important to note that while Oak trees enjoy special protection in Los Altos Hills, others are not protected under the same regulations.














  1. How does NewVista Inc. help Los Altos Hills residents with wildfire mitigation? NewVista Inc. assists residents in wildfire mitigation by providing expert tree pruning and removal services. By identifying and managing trees that could potentially become fire hazards, NewVista helps to reduce the risk of wildfires spreading. This includes creating defensible space around properties and maintaining trees to minimize fire risk.

  2. What types of trees does NewVista Inc. specialize in within Los Altos Hills? NewVista Inc. specializes in caring for and maintaining a wide variety of California native trees, focusing on the Oak trees protected by local regulations in Los Altos Hills. Our services are tailored to the unique needs of these trees, ensuring they remain a vibrant part of the local ecosystem.

  3. What is required to remove an Oak tree in Los Altos Hills? Removing an Oak tree in Los Altos Hills requires a permit if the tree is larger than 36 inches in circumference or 12 inches in diameter. Residents must submit a permit application with justification for the removal, such as the tree is dead, diseased, or a hazard. NewVista can assist in this process, providing the necessary expertise and support.

  4. How much does applying for a tree removal permit in Los Altos Hills cost? A tree removal permit in Los Altos Hills costs $250. This fee accompanies the permit application submitted to the town for approval before removing any protected tree.

  5. Where can residents find more information about tree removal permits? Residents can find more information about tree removal permits on the official Los Altos Hills website. The specific page for the Tree Removal Permit provides details on the application process, fees, and regulations. You can access this information here.



*NewVista Inc makes every effort to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, however, it does not guarantee this and disclaims liability for inaccurate information or any misunderstanding. For most up to date information, website visitors should contact each city/municipality directly.


Los Altos Hills CA Tree Trimming & Removal Services

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