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Los Altos Tree Service & Removal

Tree Service in Los Altos, CA

Are you a Los Altos, CA resident needing top-quality tree services? Look no further than NewVista. Our team of experienced arborists is here to serve you with excellence. Whether you require a free consultation to assess the trees on your property or need expert tree pruning, we've got you covered.


Comprehensive Tree Services in Los Altos, CA


At NewVista, our mission is to deliver exceptional tree work that reflects our genuine passion for preserving the beauty and health of trees in Los Altos. Here's how we can assist you:


Expert Tree Pruning


Regardless of the size or species of your trees, our skilled arborists can handle the job. We specialize in precision tree pruning, ensuring your trees look their best and thrive in optimal health.


Professional Tree Removal


If tree removal is on your agenda, you're in capable hands with NewVista. Our in-house Certified Arborist will evaluate your tree and provide a comprehensive Arborist Report. We have a proven track record of helping numerous clients obtain tree removal permits for various reasons, including diseased trees, hazardous trees, and development applications.


Los Altos Tree Removal Guidelines


The City of Los Altos has specific guidelines to protect trees categorized as "Protected." These guidelines apply to the following types of trees:

  1. Any tree with a circumference of 48 inches (four feet) or greater when measured at 48 inches above the ground.

  2. Trees designated by the Historical Commission as Heritage Trees or those under consideration for such a designation. (For example, all Canary Island Palm trees on Rinconada Court hold Heritage Tree status.)

  3. Trees must be saved or planted with a development review approval, such as a new two-story house.

  4. Trees are located within a public right-of-way.

  5. Trees on property zoned other than single-family (R1).


The Process of Removing a "Protected Tree"


To remove a "Protected Tree" in Los Altos, you must follow a specific process, including:

  1. Provide an Arborist Report with your application, detailing the tree's condition concerning disease, danger of falling, proximity to structures, and utility services.

  2. Demonstrating the necessity for tree removal for economic or property enjoyment reasons.

  3. Considering the land's topography and its impact on erosion, soil retention, and water flow.

  4. Evaluating the number, species, size, and location of existing trees and their impact on shade, privacy, scenic beauty, property values, and local standards.

  5. Ensuring the property can support the removal while adhering to good forestry practices.

  6. Factoring in the tree's approximate age compared to its species' average lifespan.

*NewVista Inc makes every effort to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, however, it does not guarantee this and disclaims liability for inaccurate information or any misunderstanding. For most up to date information, website visitors should contact each city/municipality directly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can I trim my trees on my own?


It's not recommended. Tree trimming requires expertise and the right tools to ensure the tree's health and safety.


How often should I prune my trees?


The frequency of pruning depends on the tree species, but generally, it's advisable to prune every 2-3 years.


Is tree removal harmful to the environment?


Tree removal can be environmentally friendly when done responsibly, especially when recycling and repurposing wood.


Do I need a permit to remove a tree in Los Altos, CA?


You may need a permit, especially for heritage or protected trees. It's best to check with your local authorities.


What are the signs that a tree needs to be removed?


Signs include extensive damage, disease, leaning, or if it poses a safety hazard.


Are your tree planting services eco-friendly?


Absolutely! At NewVista, we focus on selecting native species and planting techniques that promote ecological balance.


NewVista's Tree Service in Los Altos, CA is your partner in nurturing the urban greenery that defines our community. From tree pruning and removal to stump grinding and emergency care, our services ensure a safer, greener, and more beautiful environment. Let's join hands in preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of Los Altos, CA.


About Us

A local, family owned business. New Vista Inc is proud to offer excellent and satisfactory tree removal and management. Operating under the International Society of Arboriculture guidelines (ISA) we offer all types of tree management. Our services range from pruning to removal in both residential and commercial properties. All of our tree work meets ANSI 300 standards.


We are fully licensed by CSLB, carry General Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance for both our employees and your protection.

Safety is our top priority when working on your property. New Vista Inc only uses professional equipment that meet ANSI (American National Standards Association) Z133.

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