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Saratoga CA Tree Trimming & Removal Services

Best Tree Service in Saratoga, CA


At NewVista Tree Service, we are your trusted partners in preserving the natural beauty of Saratoga, CA. Our Arborists possess extensive knowledge of the local tree species and are committed to helping you maintain the health and safety of your trees. We are dedicated tree specialists, offering top-notch pruning, safe removals, and expert Arborists Reports.


Tree Services Tailored to Your Needs


Not sure what type of pruning your tree requires? Our experienced Arborists can provide guidance and explanations tailored to your specific tree(s) needs. We believe in ensuring that your trees thrive and flourish.


Compliant with Saratoga's Regulations


Saratoga takes great pride in its natural beauty and has established strict guidelines for tree work within the community. At NewVista Tree Service, our staff is rigorously trained to adhere to and meet these standards. We understand the importance of preserving the town's greenery and work diligently to ensure all tree services comply with local regulations.


Saratoga's Permit Requirements


The City of Saratoga issues permits for tree work in specific scenarios:

  1. Pruning more than 25% of a "protected" tree's canopy.

  2. Removing a "protected" tree.


Trees Classified as "Protected" in Saratoga


Saratoga has classified certain trees as "Protected." These include:

  • All trees, regardless of species, with a trunk diameter of 10 inches or more (31 inches in circumference measured from 4.5 feet above the ground).

  • Additionally, the following native trees are also protected if they have a diameter of 6 inches or more (or 19-inch circumference or more measured at 4.5 feet above the ground):

    • Big Leaf Maple (Acer macrophyllum)

    • Black Oak (Quercus kelloggii)

    • Blue Oak (Quercus douglasii)

    • California Buckeye (Aesculus californica)

    • Coast Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia)

    • Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens)

    • Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)

    • Scrub Oak (Quercus dumosa)

    • Tan Oak (Lithocarpus desniflorus)

    • Valley Oak (Quercus lobata)

More information can be found:

*NewVista Inc makes every effort to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, however, it does not guarantee this and disclaims liability for inaccurate information or any misunderstanding. For most up to date information, website visitors should contact each city/municipality directly.

Understanding the Importance of Tree Service


Preserving Saratoga's Natural Beauty


Saratoga, known for its breathtaking landscapes and inviting neighborhoods, owes its enchanting appeal to the abundance of trees that grace the town. These trees create a tranquil atmosphere, transforming Saratoga into a sanctuary of natural beauty. At NewVista Tree Service, we deeply understand the importance of preserving this beauty, which is why we play a pivotal role in maintaining the health and aesthetics of the town's green canopy.


Ensuring Safety


While the majestic trees are undoubtedly a sight to behold, they can also pose risks if not properly cared for. Overgrown branches, weakened limbs, or diseased trees can become safety hazards, particularly during storms. At NewVista Tree Service, we are well-equipped to address these issues, ensuring that Saratoga's residents can bask in the glory of their trees without concerns about potential dangers.

Tree Pruning and Trimming


Pruning and trimming are fundamental to the health and appearance of trees. The skilled arborists at NewVista Tree Service specialize in meticulously shaping trees, removing dead branches, and encouraging robust growth. Our expertise not only enhances the trees' aesthetics but also prevents potential hazards.


Tree Removal


In some instances, tree removal becomes necessary. Whether due to disease, structural problems, or to make way for new construction, NewVista Tree Service excels in the safe and efficient removal of trees without causing harm to the surrounding environment.


Tree Health Assessment


Regular health assessments are imperative to identify and address potential issues promptly. At NewVista Tree Service, our certified arborists excel in diagnosing problems, recommending treatments, and ensuring your trees remain vibrant and healthy.


Emergency Tree Services


Mother Nature can be unpredictable, and storms can wreak havoc on trees. NewVista Tree Service offers swift emergency services to address immediate issues such as fallen trees or damaged branches, ensuring safety and prompt cleanup.


The Benefits of Choosing NewVista Tree Service


Enhanced Property Value


Well-maintained trees can significantly boost your property's value. Their beauty and functionality make your home more appealing to potential buyers, potentially leading to higher resale prices.


Environmental Stewardship


Trees play a vital role in environmental health. They produce oxygen, reduce carbon dioxide levels, and provide habitat for local wildlife. By choosing NewVista Tree Service, you actively contribute to a greener and more sustainable Saratoga.


Peace of Mind


Knowing that your trees are in the capable hands of NewVista Tree Service professionals provides you with peace of mind. Enjoy the beauty of your surroundings without worrying about potential tree-related hazards.


  1. How often should I have my trees pruned in Saratoga, CA? Tree pruning frequency varies depending on the type of tree and its condition. Reach out to NewVista Tree Service for personalized advice.

  2. Are there any regulations for tree removal in Saratoga? Yes, Saratoga has regulations governing tree removal to protect its natural beauty. NewVista Tree Service can assist you in navigating these regulations and obtaining necessary permits.

  3. Can I perform tree maintenance myself, or should I hire a professional? While basic tree maintenance can be done by homeowners, it's advisable to consult professionals like NewVista Tree Service for more complex tasks to ensure tree health and safety.

  4. Do NewVista Tree Service providers in Saratoga, CA, offer free estimates? Yes, NewVista Tree Service offers free estimates. Contact us for expert advice and competitive pricing.

  5. What should I do if I have an emergency tree-related issue in Saratoga? In case of an emergency, contact NewVista Tree Service immediately. We are equipped to handle urgent situations and ensure your safety and property protection.


About Us

A local, family owned business. New Vista Inc is proud to offer excellent and satisfactory tree removal and management. Operating under the International Society of Arboriculture guidelines (ISA) we offer all types of tree management. Our services range from pruning to removal in both residential and commercial properties. All of our tree work meets ANSI 300 standards.


We are fully licensed by CSLB, carry General Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance for both our employees and your protection.

Safety is our top priority when working on your property. New Vista Inc only uses professional equipment that meet ANSI (American National Standards Association) Z133.

Other services we offer in Saratoga:


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