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San Jose Tree Permit Required?

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

The City of San Jose does not require a permit for private trees on residential lots, if the tree measures less than 38 inches in circumference.

The measurement of circumference must be taken at breast height (4.5 feet from ground).

If the tree measures more than 38 inches in circumference a permit is required.

Will the city approve the permit request?

In order to approve the removal of a tree bigger than 38 inches in circumference

the tree must have one of the following:

  1. Tree is a safety hazard

  2. Tree is dead, dying or diseased.

  3. Tree is considered Unsuitable

  4. Tree is restricting the economic development of the parcel

Do I need an Arborist Report?

Maybe. An arborist report may be needed depending on the reason for removal.

What is the city permit cost?

The San Jose City Permit for Tree Removal is $254 for dead, dying, diseased, or unstable trees. Each additional Tree will be $33 additional dollars.

The permit cost to remove a Living/Healthy tree that is only restricting the economic development of the property is $2,204(5/20/21) and is a more lengthy process.

NewVista Tree Service can help you obtain the necessary tree permits and remove the tree once approved.

For more information regarding permit requirements visit:

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