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Palo Alto Tree Service & Removal 

Tree Service & Removal in Palo Alto, CA

Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, where innovation thrives, Palo Alto, California, is not only known for technological advancements but also for its lush natural environment. The city's abundant greenery is a cherished asset, and preserving and caring for this vibrant canopy is paramount. This is where NewVista Inc. comes in – your trusted partner for professional tree services in Palo Alto, CA. Here, we will explore the world of tree services in Palo Alto, emphasizing their significance, benefits, and how NewVista Inc. stands out as your go-to service provider.

The Importance of Tree Service


1. Ensuring Tree Health


Palo Alto's climate can sometimes be harsh on its trees, with periods of drought and adverse weather conditions. NewVista Inc. is vital in assessing tree health, diagnosing diseases, and providing necessary treatments to ensure the trees' vitality.

2. Promoting Safety


Neglected or damaged trees can pose significant safety risks. NewVista Inc.'s team of professionals is well-trained to identify potential hazards and take the necessary measures, such as pruning or removal, to prevent accidents.

3. Enhancing Aesthetics


Well-maintained trees add to the city's natural beauty. NewVista Inc. offers pruning and trimming services to keep trees looking their best, contributing to the overall appeal of Palo Alto's landscape.

Tree Services Offered


4. Tree Trimming and Pruning


Regular pruning enhances a tree's appearance and improves its overall health. Trimming and pruning services from NewVista Inc. help maintain trees' shape, size, and structure.

5. Tree Removal


In certain situations, tree removal becomes necessary, especially when a tree is dead, diseased, or dangerous. NewVista Inc. professionals can safely and efficiently remove trees while minimizing the impact on the surroundings.

6. Tree Planting and Transplanting


NewVista Inc. assists in selecting the right tree species for planting and relocating existing trees to more suitable locations, ensuring their well-being.

7. Stump Removal and Grinding


After removing a tree, the stump can be unsightly, posing a tripping hazard. Stump removal services from NewVista Inc. ensure that your landscape remains clean and safe.

Choosing the Right Tree Service


8. Credentials and Certification


When choosing a tree service provider in Palo Alto, verifying their credentials and certifications is crucial. NewVista Inc. employs certified arborists with the expertise to address tree-related issues effectively.

9. Insurance and Licensing


NewVista Inc. is fully insured and licensed to protect clients from liability for accidents or property damage during tree work.

10. References and Reviews


Reading reviews and obtaining references from previous clients can provide insights into the quality of service NewVista Inc. offers.

11. Transparent Pricing


NewVista Inc. provides detailed quotes, ensuring clients receive fair pricing for their required services.

Palo Alto is renowned for its beautiful urban forest. Tree-lined streets showcase the importance of trees in the Palo Alto community. It is common for residents to have multiple species of trees on their property.


These trees are crucial in combating climate change, providing oxygen, reducing energy costs, and increasing property values, among other benefits.


Regular maintenance and pruning make trees on your property a valuable asset. However, trees can also become liabilities if not properly maintained or if they are diseased or dead. NewVista Inc. has the expertise to evaluate your trees and recommend the appropriate services.


The City of Palo Alto currently regulates only three types of private trees: Coast Live Oaks and Valley Oaks greater than 11.5 inches in diameter, along with Coast Redwoods greater than 18 inches in diameter.

In general, you are permitted to remove a protected tree located on a single-family residential lot when:

  • The tree is certified as dead or hazardous by a certified arborist.

  • The tree trunk or basal flare is under the building footprint of an existing structure, which may uplift the foundation or contact and damage eaves, gutters, etc.


An Arborist Report is typically required in conjunction with the permit application.

For more information, visit


NOTE: As of March 2022, The City of Palo Alto is considering potential new tree regulations that would protect all tree species, not just Oaks and Redwoods.

*NewVista Inc makes every effort to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, however, it does not guarantee this and disclaims liability for inaccurate information or any misunderstanding. For most up to date information, website visitors should contact each city/municipality directly.



How often should trees be trimmed?


The need for tree trimming varies based on the species, its maturity, overall health, and reasons for trimming.


Young trees benefit from annual pruning in their initial years to foster a strong structure and shape. Mature trees need trimming every three to five years to ensure their continued health and safety. Fruit trees require annual pruning, best done in late winter to early spring, to increase fruit production.


Ornamental trees might need shaping annually or biennially to maintain their visual appeal. Remove dead, diseased, or dangerous branches immediately, regardless of the season or the tree's age. A certified arborist, like ours at NewVista, can write an arborist report that will help you assess what types of tree service in Palo Alto you might need and when you may need it. 

What time of year is best for tree service in Palo Alto?


During the dormant season, from late fall to early winter, is the best time for tree services in Palo Alto, including trimming and pruning. It reduces the risk of disease transmission, minimizes stress on trees, and allows for better visibility. Pruning during dormancy helps ensure wounds heal faster, so the tree can direct its energy towards new growth.

For fruit trees or spring-blooming trees, wait until after they've bloomed to avoid cutting off flower buds. Consider local regulations for tree service in Palo Alto. Our certified arborist at NewVista is experienced and knowledgeable about Palo Alto's local tree species for advice.

How much does it cost to remove a tree in Palo Alto?


The cost of Palo Alto tree removal varies depending on the size of the tree, its location, accessibility, and the complexity of the removal process. Small tree removal can be on the lower end of the price spectrum, while large trees, especially those in difficult-to-reach areas or near buildings and power lines, can significantly increase the cost.


Additionally, permits required by Palo Alto or additional services like stump removal, limb chipping, and haul-away services can add to the total expense. Call us at NewVista so we can provide a more accurate estimate based on the specific details of the tree and the work required.

What is the proper way to cut down a tree?


Felling a tree requires careful planning and safety measures. Wear protective gear and assess the tree's fall direction, clearing a safety zone and planning escape routes. Inspect the tree for diseases or weaknesses and ensure your chainsaw is ready.


Make a V-shaped notch cut on the intended fall side, then a felling cut on the opposite side, leaving a hinge to control the fall. Use wedges for large trees to guide the direction and prevent the saw from pinching.


Once the tree starts to fall, quickly move to safety via an escape route. Consider stump removal afterward, which may need additional tools or professional help. Due to the inherent risks, hiring professional arborists or tree removal services is advisable for safety and efficiency. Professionals have the experience, equipment, and insurance for safe l Palo Alto tree removal.

Should you trim live oak trees?


You should trim live oak trees, but it must be done with care and at the correct time to avoid harm. Pruning live oaks is essential for removing dead or diseased branches, promoting healthy growth, and shaping the tree.


The best time to prune live oaks is during the dormant season, typically late winter to early spring, to minimize the risk of oak wilt, a serious fungal disease. Quickly seal pruning wounds to prevent oak wilt infection. Given the specific risks associated with pruning live oaks, hire a professional arborist who can ensure the pruning is done in the best way and is safe and effective.

Does pruning an oak tree promote growth?


Trimming an oak tree stimulates growth by eliminating dead, infected, or frail branches, enabling the tree to use its energy and resources to foster vigorous, new growth. Careful pruning enhances the tree's vigor, fostering a denser canopy. Additionally, it can prompt growth in areas that previously appeared sparse.

What months should you not trim trees?


In Palo Alto, avoid trimming trees during the active growing season, especially oaks, to reduce the risk of disease transmission and stress. To prevent oak wilt, don’t prune oak trees from April through June when diseases are most active.


Avoid pruning during late spring and early summer because many tree species are actively growing during this time. Pruning interferes with the growth cycle. Pruning to remove dead or diseased limbs can be done at any time of the year. To determine the best time for pruning specific species reach out to our professional arborist.

What happens if you prune a tree at the wrong time?


In Palo Alto, it's generally advisable to avoid trimming trees during the active growing season, especially for certain species like oaks, to reduce the risk of disease transmission and stress. Specifically, for oak trees, to prevent the spread of oak wilt, it is recommended not to prune from April through June, when the disease vectors are most active.


You should avoid pruning during late spring and early summer because many tree species are growing then, and pruning can interfere with their growth cycle. Pruning for safety or to remove dead or diseased limbs can be done at any time. Seek advice from a certified arborist to identify the best pruning period for tree species in Palo Alto.

What happens if you prune a tree at the wrong time?


Pruning a tree at the wrong time can lead to several adverse outcomes:


Increased Vulnerability to Pests and Diseases: Trees pruned during their active growth period or when pests and diseases are prevalent are more susceptible to infections and infestations through fresh wounds.


Stress on the Tree: Removing branches during the growing season can stress the tree, as it diverts energy from growth to healing, potentially weakening its overall health and growth.


Poor Wound Healing: Cuts made outside of the dormant season may heal more slowly, leaving the tree vulnerable to disease and pest invasion.


Undesirable Growth: Pruning late in the growing season stimulates new growth that may not have enough time to harden off before the onset of cold weather, leading to damage or loss of new growth over winter.


Reduced Flowering and Fruiting: For flowering and fruiting trees, incorrect pruning timing can remove the buds that would have developed into flowers and fruit, impacting the tree's blooming and fruiting capabilities for the year.


To minimize these risks, follow species-specific guidelines for the best pruning time to ensure the health and productivity of your trees are maintained.

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About Us

A local, family owned business. New Vista Inc is proud to offer excellent and satisfactory tree removal and management. Operating under the International Society of Arboriculture guidelines (ISA) we offer all types of tree management. Our services range from pruning to removal in both residential and commercial properties. All of our tree work meets ANSI 300 standards.


We are fully licensed by CSLB, carry General Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance for both our employees and your protection.

Safety is our top priority when working on your property. New Vista Inc only uses professional equipment that meet ANSI (American National Standards Association) Z133.

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