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San Jose
Commercial Services

Commercial Tree Experts Near You

 CA LIC #1065102

We are proud to service  commercial properties in San Jose and surrounding areas!

Memebership of International Society of Arboriculture.
Google Gaurenteed Badge and Credential
Certified Arborist Credential

Landscape Management & Commercial Tree Services in San Jose, CA


At NewVista, we are the tree experts. We are committed to providing safe and sustainable commercial tree care, tree removal, and tree services for San Jose properties.

Our certified arborists have comprehensive knowledge and expertise in identifying tree diseases and pests, tree pruning and tree trimming techniques, tree planting and transplanting. Our qualified arborists can also provide valuable recommendations on tree selection, placement and tree risk assessment. Incorrect tree pruning could lead to dangerous limb growth or the death of the tree.

NewVista offers a full range of commercial tree services in San Jose including:

  • Tree Trimming

  • Tree Pruning

  • Tree Removal

  • Fertilization

  • Soil maintenance

  • Storm Response

  • Seasonal Services

  • Tree Planting

  • Stump Grinding

  • Hedge Trimming

  • Mulch Replacement

  • Disease and Insect management

  • Landscape Maintenance

  • Canopy Raising or Height Reduction

  • Arborist Reports

Most towns and cities in the San Jose area require an arborist report to be filed with development applications to preserve and protect existing trees on the commercial property. Our arborists offer consultations to help you create a plan and obtain the necessary permits for planting or tree trimming in San Jose.


Serving All Types of Commercial Properties in San Jose

At NewVista, we cater to all types of commercial businesses and properties that need our professional tree services. Business parks, apartments, HOA’s, hospitals, shopping Centers and others rely on NewVista to care for their trees and landscapes.

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Why Tree Health & Safety Matters for Commercial Properties


Protecting the property and infrastructure of a commercial business requires regular care and maintenance of trees and can minimize the risk of falling branches or toppling trees that may cause liability, damage or injury. Our arborists can identify potential hazards in advance.


As certified arborists in San Jose, we have the expertise to help your commercial property comply with local regulations regarding tree health and safety can prevent a business from paying fines, penalties or having legal issues. We help ensure the health and safety of trees on your commercial properties, safeguards your customers, employees and visitors. Well-maintained trees create aesthetic appeal and create a positive impression for your customers.

At NewVista we are dedicated to helping business owners preserve the health of trees on their premises and providing services that promote tree safety and sustainability. You can trust that if a tree removal is needed, we will safely and successfully remove the tree without damages or injuries. When a tree on your property needs trimming, it's best to hire professional tree trimmers. During storms and strong winds, overgrown branches may pose a threat to structures, people or powerlines. Removing weak or overhanging branches will mitigate the risk of property damage at your business.


Choose the Best Commercial Tree Service in San Jose. Choose NewVista.

Our trustworthy tree professionals at NewVista specialize in helping businesses and property owners maintain their trees and landscaping. We provide tree management services and tree removal while encouraging proper tree growth and longevity. 

Safety is our number one priority when we are working on your property. We use only professional equipment that meets American National Standards Association (ANSI) requirements. We are fully licensed and carry general liability and workers compensation insurance for our employees and for your protection.

We are a local, family-owned business that provides exceptional customer service, thorough tree removal and reliable tree maintenance. Our client support team at NewVista is ready to create a free, detailed custom estimate that fulfills your tree trimming, removal and care needs while keeping costs aligned with your budget.


TEL: 408-646-9790  |

545 Meridian Ave # 26231 

San Jose,  CA 95126


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